Here, we’ve collected links to newspaper, magazine and web articles about museum events and Melchers’ life and career.


Bellarmine Museum of Art features impressionist art exhibit (Fairfield Sun, 2.25.15)

Aerial View Video of Belmont (January 28, 2015)

Alexandria and Fredericksburg: A Great Romantic Getaway (, 1.24.15)

20 Virginia Attractions, Scoutology (1.15)


State Budget Cuts Pinch Belmont, James Monroe Museum (The Free Lance-Star, 12.25.14)

Stafford Premiers Movie of County’s History (The Free Lance-Star, 12.8.14)

Saved Cottage to Open Doors (The Free Lance-Star, 11.3.14)

7 Historic Attractions Of Fredericksburg You Have To Visit (Scoutology, 6.2.14)

Travel with kids is a breeze in Fredericksburg, (Call me Fred blog, 5.14)

EXHIBITS:  Belmont toasts lady of the house, (The Free Lance-Star, 4.1.14)

Residents’ treasures shown off in Stafford, (The Free Lance-Star, 3.10.14)

Belmont: Gari Melchers Home and Art Studio in Virginia, (The Huffington Post: Travel, 2.6.14 )

Arts:  History Goes Up in the Air at Belmont  (The Free Lance-Star, 1.13.14)

Explore Black History in Fredericksburg, Stafford and Spotsylvania, (Call me Fred blog, 2.13.14 )


Belmont is the backdrop for this stunning high school senior portrait photo shoot (The Washington Post, 10.25.13)

Discover Nature Nearby, (Free Lance-Star, 8.22.13)

Children Can Tap into their Creative Side at Belmont and Dorothy Hart Community Center:  Brushing Up On Art Skills, (Free Lance-Star, 7.19.13)

Baltimore native, artist husband sowed seeds for historic Virginia estate,  (Baltimore Sun, 4.18.13)

Artist’s Gardens Still Inspire (Free Lance-Star, Garden Week Insert, 4.14.13)

Herons Enjoying their Annual Herring Feast (Free Lance-Star, 4.8.13)

Young Life:  The Wonders of Winter  (The Weekender, 2.14.13).

Prep for the Big Day:  Belmont offers warm reception to couples (Bride and Groom, 2.9.13)


An American in Holland  (Free Lance-Star, 8.30.12).

On the Trail:  Hike Through History  PDF (Free Lance-Star, 6.21.12).

These Easter eggs sound off for visually impaired kids  (Free Lance-Star, 4.15.12).

At Belmont, Be Your Own Artist  (Free Lance-Star, 2.9.12).

Belmont:  Make a Break for It  (Free Lance-Star, 4.5.12).

Art, Love and the House of their Dreams (New England Journal of Antiquities, February).

Drawn to Beauty at Belmont   (Free Lance-Star, 1.10.12).

Belmont’s Railing Needs Repair  (Free Lance-Star, 1.10.12).


Melchers Stairway Named a Top Endangered Artifact (The Bullet, 11.10.11).

Storyteller Shares His Gift  (Free Lance-Star, 10-17-11).

Trail Would Link Historic Sites  (Free Lance-Star, 10-29-11).

Knitting Class is a Loopy Lark  (Free Lance-Star, 8-29-11).

Gari Melchers Home and Studio is First to Host National Touring Exhibition  (Free Lance-Star, 9.29.11).

Alice’s Wonderland: A Walmart heiress builds a museum in the Ozarks (The New Yorker, 6.27.11).

The Home and Studio of Gari Melchers Becomes the Site of Exploration  (Free Lance-Star, 6.23.11).

Belmont art classes for children  (Free Lance-Star, 5.12.11).

Artist’s beloved Belmont was hopping each Easter (Free Lance-Star, 4.11.11).

History Repeats Itself:  Grand Estate Maintained with Historical Sensitivity and Modern Tools (Turf Magazine, February).

Fred Leeman Reviews Dutch Utopia: American Artists in Holland, 1880-1914 (Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide, Spring).

Belmont:  Home and Studio of Gari Melchers  (The Historic Interior: Resource Guide and Handbook, 3.9.11).

Workman’s Cottage Rescue is Labor of Love  (Free Lance-Star, 3.22.11).

Preschool Palette at Belmont   (Free Lance-Star, 1.30.11).


New Reality is Open at Belmont (Free Lance-Star, 12.23.10).

Stroll back in time on Belmont’s Lawn (Free Lance-Star, 9.27.10).

Camps for Kids Abound the Week After Easter (Free Lance-Star, 4.1.10).

Guided Woodland Hike at Belmont Offers a Free Chance to Enjoy Nature–and History (Free Lance Star, 2.25.10).

Belmont One of Nation’s Best Art Museums (Free Lance-Star, 1.25.10).


A Spring Display to Break the Ice (Free Lance-Star, 12.21.09).

Melchers Inspires Savannah to go Dutch (Free Lance-Star, 12.18.09).

Beating the Economy Whilte it’s “Down:” Museums Innovate to Survive (Virginia Association of Museums’ Voice Newsmagazine, Winter).

He Captured the American Essence – and Optimism. Now Norman Rockwell Works Come to Fredericksburg (Free Lance-Star, 10.29.09).

Old Virginia’ in Switzerland (Free Lance-Star, 10.18.09).

“Dutch Utopia” treasures await Thursday opening (Savannah Morning News, 9.29.09).

Art & Soul: Exhibit celebrates Walter MacEwen’s creative and technical achievements (Savannah Morning News, 9.6.09).

Telfair to unveil landmark ‘Dutch Utopia  (Savannah Morning News, 8.20.09).

International Exhibit Opens (Victoria Advocate, 10.2.09).

Exotic Bloom Comes Back Home to Belmont (Free Lance-Star, 9.29.09).

Kids and Families Can Enjoy a Fantastic Time, and a Tasty One Too — As Well as Learn About Color and Art  (Free Lance-Star, 8.6.09).

Tourism signs are changing in county  (Free Lance-Star, 8.4.09).

Artwork Depicts Past 400 Years(Free Lance-Star, 7.27.09).

Curator Endeavors to Filter Out Melchers Fakes (Free Lance-Star, 7.18.09).

Historic Gardens Delight (Free Lance-Star, 7.18.09).

Envisioning Fun at Belmont (Free Lance-Star, 6.11.09).

Bank will strengthen local arts through grant program (Free Lance-Star, 6.1.09).

Discover Melchers’ Nudes  (Free Lance-Star, 5.21.09).

An I-95 Detour Leads to History, Art (Special to The Washington Post, 4.15.09).

Local Hike was an Eye-Opener  (Free Lance-Star, 2.22.09).

Go out on a limb this Valentine’s Day (Free Lance-Star, 2.6.09).

Thank You for Remembering Wyeth (Free Lance-Star, 1.28.09).

Get the Picture:  Gari Melchers (Free Lance-Star, 1.22.09).


Melchers Magic: See How the Holidays Were Celebrated in a Bygone Age – Artfully Displayed at Belmont (Free Lance-Star, 12.18.08).

It’s an open house – and you’re invited!  (Free Lance-Star, 12.11.08).

Man Achieves Royalty (Free Lance-Star, 11.17.08).

At Gari Melchers Home and Studio, See and Compare How Other Famous Artists Worked from Warhol to Calder, in Studio (Free Lance-Star, 11.15.08).

At Belmont, Smithsonian’s Artists in Their Studios Exhibit Depicts Genius at Work (Free Lance-Star, 9.25.08).

Enjoy this ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ Explore Art, Gardens at Belmont (Free Lance-Star, 7.31.08).

Walk on the Wild Side (Free Lance-Star, 7.28.08).

Master Naturalists help blaze trails at Belmont  (Free Lance-Star, 2.10.08).

Get to Know the ‘King of Illustrators”   (Free Lance-Star, 1.18.08).